Running through the Battlefield

I ran today.

And boy did it feel good, despite the 90 degree weather outside.

I had always wanted to trail run since I’ve always enjoyed being around nature, and today, I grabbed a chance to do it, albeit the timing wasn’t probably the best.

I live probably one and a half mile away from Battlefield of Manassas National Park, and there are beautiful trails all around the park. I decided to take the 1.3 mile trail to the stone bridge and back. I knew I was in for a rough one with the heat being up and the humidity slightly making the 90 degree weather feel more like 95.

Did I care? No. I was going to do it anyways.

I packed my android with some fun funky music – Green Day, Black Eyed Peas, Shania Twain, and, my favorite, Safri Duo, (I am in dire need of updating my library, but what is this mom going to do? LOL) turned on my “Map my Run”, and started jogging through the grassy hills.

Once I hit the woods, it was fantastic. My energy was at an all time high, and the trees cooled the air around me. I was able to keep up a good pace for probably a half a mile to three quarters of a mile, and then I had to slow down to a native of the lands – a doe staring at me jogging towards her. I was so sure she would dart off as soon as I made eye contact with her, but she didn’t trot off until I was at ten feet away from her. There was no fear in her eyes, but she was still wary of us humans. I was able to keep going until I took a left onto a new path toward the bridge. I had to slow down to a quick walk to check my heart rate, and I was able to get back into running down the path for quite a while. It was until I hit a patch of the trail where there was no tree coverage and the heat began wear me out. I decided then to turn around.

I did try to run back, and it was hard doing that when my body was beginning to reach the point of exhaustion. Yes, I wanted to throw up. I walked until that feeling went away for the most part, and then I would start run again. One thing I noticed is that I ran better when I just looked ahead three feet in front of me, instead of looking way out. “It’s just like the lamp onto my feet. I only need to see what’s right in front of me. There will be strength to make it through those three feet. ” It is the same way with everyday life. God knows we get easily overwhelmed with the vastness of our lives, and we can handle taking one step at a time, even when we feel like we are running in high heat. It was an encouraging life lesson as I ran. To encourage me even more, I ran into another deer, and this one stayed there until I just about passed her, and even then she just lightly trotted away as if she knew I wouldn’t hurt her. God’s nature is beautiful!

I couldn’t run the whole way, but I did the best I could, and I will continue to do better. Next time I will pick a much cooler time to run! Hopefully I will have an opportunity to do so… Being a mom with two kids doesn’t give me too many chances to do that. Perhaps weekends when the hubby is home. 🙂


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