Tooth Fairy, Here’s Another One

(for my own sense of security, I’m not using real names. If you know me well, you will know who I’m talking about. For those who don’t, I hope you don’t get lost without names to follow.)

Tonight is my wedding anniversary of ten years, and my whole family decided to celebrate it together with ice cream for several reasons. One, we were on a tight budget; Two, I am in the middle of recovering from a bad allergic reaction from last night’s dose of a new allergy medicine (go figure, right?) , along with Bronchitis. Those two are not a plesant combination. But, don’t worry, my doctor has taken care of me and I’m feeling much better than last night.

Anyways… That’s not why I am writing. What happened tonight IS what I want to share.

To tell you what happened tonight, I need to explain a little bit about my daughter.

When she lost her first tooth, it was a scary experience for her. She didn’t like the idea of losing a tooth, and she cried when we tried to help her get it out. It did finally fall out on it’s own, but she was still terrified of losing her teeth. The next one she lost, she accidently swallowed because she refused to let me take it out when it was just barely hanging there. She got upset over that because she thought the tooth fairy wouldn’t visit her and give her any money for it. To console her, we suggested her to write a letter to explain what happened. With my help, we did make a card for the tooth fairy to explain what happened. The next morning she was thrilled to see a dollar and a little scroll of a note in return. “Thank you.” It was done with the cutest little writing on the crimpled small piece of paper. That made her day.

That note didn’t ease her fear, as the next two teeth were just as a struggle. One finally fell out in an apple to her shock, and next her little brother knocked it out while playing rough. The latter scared her the most. “I don’t want to lose another tooth, Mama!!!” We did find the tooth, much to her relief.

It was almost six months before another tooth would become loose. The one, the star of the story, should have fallen out to an accident around that time of the other tooth had been knocked out. Another boy had ran his head into her mouth, ramming this tooth into an awkward position away from the neighboring new grown in front tooth. “Don’t worry.” I told her. “That tooth will soon come out anyways.”

She waited and waited…

A week ago, up until today, she had been asking constantly if her tooth would be ready to come out. “Not yet. It’s not loose enough.” She would frown with frustration, begin trying to wiggle it more, or beg to have me pull it out. I suggested I make an appointment with her dentist for it to be pulled out. “NO! I don’t want to go to the dentist, Mama!” She pleaded.

I think the thought of the dentist pulling it out scared her, as, apparently, she had been wiggling it whenever she could.

I came home from work today, with ice cream in tow to have us all celebrate the 10 year wedding anniversary of Mommy and Daddy, to find my daughter grinning from ear to ear. “Mommy! It’s really loose now! Could you try pulling it out?” I saw her open her mouth and show me how loose it was. My eyes bugged at the sight of it. “It looks like you can get it out tonight! Go ahead and try to pull it out. ” I didn’t want to pull it out, to be honest, so I thought it would be better that she did. I waited to hear her whimper at the idea, but instead she eagerly began to try pulling it out. It didn’t budge. Personally, I don’t think she was pulling hard enough.

I suggested the pliers, and it was her turn to have eyes wide open in shock. “No! I don’t want that. It might hurt!” She left me in the kitchen in a hurry, and I was able to return to the job of cooking up a simple dinner for the family.

It wasn’t even five minutes…

A sobbing cry burst from the living room, intermingled with a jubilant cry, “It came out!”. I was definitely confused at hearing that combination.

“What happened?!”

My husband also heard the commotion, but with his blindness, he didn’t see what had happened not too far from him where he sat. He also asked what was going on.

My daughter, with a bloody mouth and a gaping window where the tooth once was, cries out with a huge smile on her face, “He hit me and it came out!”

In the same moment, I see my five year old son sobbing near her. I soothed him to tell him that he wasn’t in trouble. He still continued to cry. “What’s wrong?” The answer surprised me.

“She hit me!”

Okay… Wait, a minute.

My gorey looking daughter, with blood still caked around her mouth and a tissue now in hand to dab the blood away from where the tooth once was, explained, “We hit each other, Mama! He hit my tooth out of my mouth!”  She was still as happy as if I had just given her a twenty dollar bill.

What is a mother supposed to say at that moment?

I soothed my son and eventually convinced him that he wasn’t in trouble, even though hitting is not a good idea, even if it was in the plan of getting a tooth out.  It won’t be long when it will be his turn to start loosing his baby teeth.

The tooth fairy has got a tooth that has quite a story behind it. Wouldn’t you say?


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