It’s All Bad Timing

Three days after my husband had gotten his eye seeing dog, he decided it wasn’t right for him. It was fortunate he came to realize it at that time than later. The dog’s handler agreed it wasn’t going to work, as my husband had his hands full already in being a father and a husband. Why wasn’t it going to work?

The dog had to come first.

It would mean we would come last.

If my daughter had a school event, such as a concert, my husband and the dog would not be able to come, as it isn’t trained for that kind of environment. If we wanted to go out somewhere, the dog would get first choice in where we would sit. The kids would have to tuck their legs in and not touch the dog at all.

To put it frankly… My husband’s attention would have to go to the dog first and foremost.

My husband didn’t want to do that to us. So, the dog had to go.

It was for the best, and I’m thankful now that he made that choice. He has more freedom to just come with us to events and places, even though he’s still having to depend on my guidance and the cane.

We were sad, at first, I will admit. I had thought the dog would give him more freedom, but after he shared what he had been learning from his training, I saw it would be the opposite. If he wasn’t married or had children and had a very easy going life, then the dog would have been a perfect thing for him. That’s not the case with this man, yet he is considering getting a dog when I’m working full time and the kids are older.

As for the dog… It’s being placed with another individual who can take the dog. I’m happy for that sake.

Down the road, as a family, we are considering adopting any of the dogs that are retired from working as a guide dog in the future. This way its a win win – One, we get an awesomely trained dog, and, two, the dog gets an awesome home! We are hoping that will happen in a couple of years. We need a house first!


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I am a mother to two CODAs, and if you know what I mean by that, than you would know I am deaf. I am an artist in many ways, and writing is one of the mediums I love working in. View all posts by coffeenut79

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