Disoriented: A Blind Man’s Dilemma

For the past couple of months has been quiet for writing, though I have to say life at home hasn’t been so. I haven’t been able to write as i didn’t know exactly what to write about.

But today, this morning, something happened that gave me reason to write.

My husband lost his way… For the second time since we’ve lived here in Denver. His eye sight has been a roller coaster ride, as he does have good days and bad days.

The funny thing about this morning was the fact that I had been out of town with my kids, leaving him alone, for a little over a week, just a couple of weeks ago. He fended for himself; walking to and from the light rail every day and taking care of himself to the best he felt he could do. He did really well.

He chose to have microwave dinners since he didn’t feel comfortable cooking off the stove. I had called him the first night to see how he was doing and he tells me he couldn’t see what the directions said on the box for his meal, but he went online and found the directions for it large enough for him to read with the Zoomtext program he has on his computer.

I was so proud of him, and relieved. It was a comfort to know that my husband could function just fine, albeit alone, without me. I just hope, one day, he will find some friends. It’s on my prayer list, that’s for sure.

I come home, and he has decided he wants to keep walking to and from the light rail. I was perfectly fine with that, as I am not really a morning person. He loved it, as the morning sun gave him the only way he could see the Rockies behind our apartment. He was elated when he told me he could finally see the outline of the mountains. I see the mountains every day and don’t even realize or appreciate the fact I can. He can’t even see the sunsets anymore, which breaks my heart. The sunsets out here are beautiful, especially right after a storm.

This morning the sun was coming up later, as it gradually does at this time of the year, and the morning darkness apparently caused my husband to become disoriented. He didn’t want to touch the cars as a way to guide him, but he used the strong bright street lights of the intersection to guide him in the direction. For some odd reason, he ended up using another light as a guide, which took him in a completely different direction than he was supposed to go.

I was snoozing on my bed, unaware that he was frantically calling me over and over, but my hearing son comes in and gives me the phone to show me that my husband was calling me. I grabbed my hearing aid and quickly answered. “I’m lost!” he frantically says over the phone, “I don’t know where I am! I ended up running into a building and a fence, and that’s not where I was supposed to go!”  “Hold on. I’ll come and find you.”

Yes, I went out in my jammies and flip flops, and it didn’t take me long to find him. I drove the car over to him, and calmly said he wasn’t too far from his usual path. “I can’t tell!” I definitely said the wrong thing to a blind man. I told him to get in the car, and that I’d drive him to the station. He got in, very irritated, and as we drove, we talked about ideas in how we could figure out the path even in the dark.

The sun was coming up at this point, and just before he got out of the car, he was calm enough to say that he wasn’t going to give up his walking.

He came home tonight with some ideas, and one was to walk with him in the morning until we could figure out tactile landmarks to help him know he was going the right way, without depending on cars in the parking lot. Cars move, so they’re not really dependable. Trees, curbs, light poles, and landmarks are good indicators for him to feel with his cane and hands to know where he is. I just hope the city doesn’t decide to remove any trees or do any construction around here, or we’re in trouble!

I’ve got a two mile walk to do. That’s how many miles my husband walks every day, to and from the light rail station. He’s getting some good exercise, and God knows I need it too… Especially after what my blood tests have shown from my recent doctors appointment, but that’s a whole different story.

Time for bed and to get ready for an early morning with my husband. Good night!


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I am a mother to two CODAs, and if you know what I mean by that, than you would know I am deaf. I am an artist in many ways, and writing is one of the mediums I love working in. View all posts by coffeenut79

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