Last Fall I took the drastic step of cutting almost four inches of dye polluted hair off my head. I went from shoulder length to a choppy short pixie cut. I still have bleached bangs that I’m growing out, and as my birthday approaches, I am very tempted to take the up the scissors and cut my hair even shorter.

Yet… I know I want to grow out my hair in all it’s naturalness. I have not seen my natural hair color since I was… *gulp*… FOURTEEN. I started dying my hair around 15 years old since I wanted peroxide blond hair and kept it really blond for a very long time. In college I let it grow out a little bit, but I didn’t like the dark roots, so I went back to dying it a more natural medium blond, thinking that was a fine color to be.

YEARS later, I started getting more punchy with my colors. It was red, black (I highly don’t recommend this color), hot pink, dark brown, strawberry blond, and, yes, even blue. I wasn’t going to let my 30’s slow me down. I was having too much fun with the variety of color in my hair. My hair was telling me otherwise. It became frayed, damaged, and dry. Styling it to a cute style was next to impossible, unless I had a half an hour to an hour of time to do it. Being a mom to two school aged kids, I didn’t have that kind of time, and it was always pulled up into a half bun/ponytail. How boring is that.


Shoulder Length with a blue streak!

I started entertaining the idea of just shaving my hair completely off, but then I knew my husband wouldn’t like that at all. I started looking at Pinterest ideas of short hairstyles and, at first, I thought a cute bob would be nice, but then I remembered trying a bob cut once and it was a flop. I saw a few really rocking pixie cuts and remembered how I sported a cut that short when I was thirteen. I loved that cut, but it was such a pain to grow out. I then saw a really nice boyish cut that had a longer bang in front, and I knew then, that’s what I wanted.

After picking up my kids from school, I drove down to the hair salon and found my favorite stylist available. I showed her what I wanted, and I remember her looking at me apprehensively. “Are you sure you want to cut it all off?”

“Yes. I want to go short and funky while I let my natural hair grow out.”

I saw my hair fall all over the place and took a picture to send to my friends. “What did you do?! How short!?” They all responded. I later posted my picture and many loved it. Short hair suited me.



As much as I love the idea of having romantic long hair, I am beginning to think short hair is a better fit for me. I recently had it re-done into a Pink mohawk style, and I need to get it fixed more as it won’t let me do a mohawk as I want it to.  (And I just did… I fixed it myself, and I love it!)

I may be becoming a teacher, but at least my hair won’t be boring. I can have a spiky look on the weekends and a gentle natural wave/curl on my work days. Why not, eh?

2016-02-23 10.45.30



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