About Me

When I say, “About Me”, I don’t plan on writing an autobiography. I don’t think you, a reader, would have time to read all of it, but my blog, as I hope it will be, can be something for you to read bits and pieces of who I am and where I’m going in my life.

I was born deaf/hard of hearing; I am deaf when my hearing aids are off, but I consider myself hard of hearing with my aids on. I still can’t hear very well with my aids, but it helps in living amongst a hearing world.

I am bi-lingual: American Sign Language and English. I’m proud of it. I love my two languages, and there’s so much to life in being able to be in both worlds, though sometimes its hard to be completely in one since I’m not complete of one or the other. (does that make any sense? You’re free to say it does or not)

As you read my blog, you can be sure to learn more about who I am. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do in writing them.


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