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An Empty Mind… Continued

I went to my favorite used book store a few days ago to pick up some books to read. I was finding some great Christian Fiction, and how ironic it was that the classics were right in the same aisle. I had to laugh. It was almost as if it challenged me to pick up one to stir my mind with the intensive old  vocabulary, which I knew I needed. My vocabulary has become so elementary as I am constantly around toddlers and a preschooler. It doesn’t help the fact that I’m also a three year old Sunday School teacher. My vocabulary is very toddler friendly at this point.  I’ve forgotten to use the words my two favorite authors use – J.R.R Tolkien and Jane Austen. Isn’t it funny that they’re both British authors?  They know how to use their vocabulary!

“Are we done yet, Mommy?” my little impatient 5 year old says as I balanced five intriguing Christian Fiction books in my arms.  As I walk down the aisle with my two impatient kids, I see a book sitting on top of a pile of classics and it just screams at me.

“Come to me, my angel of music!”

The cover depicted a black caped man with a very familiar white mask in a boat with Christine staring at him. Oh, yes, it was “Phantom of the Opera”. I had seen and loved the recent movie of the said title, and love the music (thanks to my brother who had it blasting in the room next to me when we were growing up). The book just called to me, “Read me! Read me!”

I caved. I bought the used paperback. For three bucks, how could I not? But I haven’t opened it yet. I’m currently reading a book, “The Centurion’s Wife”, by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke. I don’t normally read their books, but I’ve always had a fascination for Romanesque themed books (and movies). I’m aiming to start reading the classic when I am done with the current easy read. I’ve the plan to get a dictionary with me so I can look up any new words I don’t know. No longer am I going to just skip them just because I don’t know what they mean. I just hope I stick with it. I have a tendency to just run through the book just because it captivates me… Forget learning new vocabulary when the plot is so good!