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Brain Cancer: A Hard Battle

I’ve lost my grandmother to the cancer, and now I’m losing a very good friend to it.  I know meeting her was God ordained as I’ve been a comfort to her, and likewise to me. Now, my heart aches knowing she’s going ahead of me to Heaven.

I know I will miss her.

I miss my grandmother, as I think about her often. I am thankful for all the wonderful memories I’ve had with her. I will carry on her legacy with my life.

I will do the same for my friend.

I’ve created a bracelet in their honor. One day I will run to raise money to find a way to cure the resilient cancer.

I have wished many times to have met her in person, but I hope to with her children… Her husband needs our prayers. I thank God I met her through the mom’s group on Yahoo. Its funny how something like that would bring two people to become such close friends.

I had done a song for her and had it on Facebook, but I want to share it for those who can also pray for this family. She’s leaving behind four wonderful children, and one is not even a year old.

For prayers, its for the Scott family. Pray for them all.