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Deaf in Church

It’s a chilly morning.

I’ve got my coffee and sitting on my patio in hopes of letting nature around me to inspire me along with Casting Crowns blaring into my earphones. I’ve had a writer’s block for the past couple of days (maybe even weeks) when it comes to what I wanted to write about. Today, I am just going to be honest and straightforward… And gracious.

There has been one issue that has bothered me for years. Yes, years. I’ve let it go as something as being, “Oh, that’s life. Nothing is going to change.”

Yet, I wonder… Can it?

Here’s the question: Why are there not many Deaf people in churches? Why is it so hard for a Deaf person to find a church to plug into?

Everytime I move, it’s back to the question of, “Oh, where am I going to go to church?” I search for churches with interpreters, and many times it’s a frustrating struggle. Especially when the kind of church I would like to go to doesn’t have interpreters.  I was fortunate when I was living in Virginia, but here I am 700 miles away from there and at the place of struggling with the whole Deaf/church issue all over again.

I do have a church that I really like, and it did have an interpreter for a while, but the interpreter does have a life of her own and couldn’t do it anymore… Thus… Leaving me in a place of just surviving. I do the best I can to not be a burden, but I’ll be frank – it’s a frustrating and lonely place to be.

I tried a Catholic church for a while, since they offered interpreting and the priest signed. It was wonderful, but I was, again, alone. I’m not a Catholic, and even though I did try to become one years ago, I still felt isolated as not every Catholic church offered interpeters. Also, I didn’t have the fellowship that I direly needed, as the general deaf population in the church were almost 20 to 30 years older than me. Being a mother to two children and a wife to a husband going blind, I knew I needed friendships and fellowship.

Some people might tell me, “Oh, you just need God.” That might be true, but God made us to need fellowship and friendship. We are social creatures, and because of this, I knew I needed to find a balance… But this is a whole different subject.

Back to the problem: Deaf people and churches.

Why is it so difficult?

Here is what I think is why.

  • “You can lip-read?”  Not many people are aware of the struggles a Deaf person goes through in this very hearing and noisy world. I am sure many don’t realize how exhausting and imperfect lipreading is. When I sit in the front and try lipreading the speaker at church, there are many times I miss a joke and hear the congregation laughing, but I don’t know what they’re laughing about. The speaker moves around on stage and then there’s the microphone that covers the mouth… Both are not ideal for lipreading. The projection of a slide show behind the speaker helps, but I’m not getting everything.
  • Interpreters getting burnt out. I’ve had so many experiences of having interpreters quit serving in churches because they’re tired and feel they aren’t appreciated. It can become a thankless job when people take them for granted. I’ve seen interpreters give up for this reason.  This is one reason why I don’t push for one, though I know I should. Yet, my experience has taught me to be grateful when I do get one, and I strive to make them feel appreciated and pray they don’t get burnt out. When life gets in the way for them, I don’t push it.
  • Lack of funding for Interpreters. Paying for an interpeter is one way of insuring one being available, but it’s not cheap. Because of this, the interpreters are basically a volunteer position in a church environment. To interpret a service, which would be, on average, an hour or two. That can be exhausting for one person to do, which brings us back to the interpreter becoming burnt out. Oh, what an ugly cycle.
  • Many churches don’t “have a calling” to serve the Deaf community. I’ve called numerous churches when I moved to Denver, and many of them told me flat out that they didn’t provide an interpreter. I was told that it is possibly because they don’t think of it as being a need. A Deaf person looks like everyone else… It is definitely an invisible challenge.
  • “Interpreters” are not skilled enough. I’ve had the unfortunate exprience of attending a church with an interpreter who signed in Signed Exact English with a mix of something else. Needless to say, I was completely lost for a while. I did start to recognize some of the signs as I had been taught SEE when I was very young. In the end, I was exhausted from having to translate in my head what I wasn’t familiar with to even understand what the service was about. I knew I was not returning to that church.
  • Drama.  Yes, I did use that D-word. I’m sorry to say this, but I’ve seen enough drama take down Deaf Ministries and cause conflicts between interpreters, church members, and visiting deaf individuals. The church I grew up in, sadly, lost it’s ministry for several reasons, and drama was one I noticed to be part of it. Deaf people left the church as it made them uncomfortable. I left another church for a while because of it.

Now that I’ve pointed out the problems with why Deaf people aren’t in churches; what are we to do about it?

What can I do about it?

I had to think a lot about that… It’s exhausting sometimes to fight for what I need to understand what is going on around me, and then to try to cultivate relationships on top of that- Oi. No wonder I sometimes feel like throwing in the towel!

Believe me, the past couple of weeks I was thinking, “What is the point of going to church?”

I was reminded of why the Church was created in the first place. We need each other.

“But GOD… What can I DO? I’m the Deaf one.”

“No. You’re a BRIDGE.”

There are times when I wish God wouldn’t remind me of that calling.

“I’m tired. I feel so alone.”

God then reminds me of the verse that pretty much every Christian knows.


I think I need that tattooed on me somewhere so I don’t forget.

So, again, I asked, “What can I do?”

With me being a BRIDGE, I can help those who can hear to understand of this great need. I’ve been wanting to do a sign class for ages, but the fear of adding one more thing onto my already full plate has held me back. I might just have to take that leap of faith and trust that things will be provided to help me do it.

This may not solve the interpreter situation, but it would help build an understanding and break down communication barriers that would cultivate relationships. It could also bring an awareness to a need. There are many people who come to church and see me sign songs, but I often wonder –  do they think I am fine?


Nothing will change if I don’t do something…

Guess it’s time to break out of my shell and try.

I just saw this quote on Facebook, and it is so true:

“Change can be scary, but you know what’s scarier?

Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving, and processing.”



A New Direction

I had recently made a cryptic status on Facebook and some people are asking me about some of my life changing decisions. A lot of it had to do with my past and how it was just hanging over me like a dark cloud and things around me were a constant reminder of those moments. I couldn’t move on.

One of those choices I made was deciding to look for another church. The church I had been at for almost five years had been a place of turmoil lately. About the same time I had started going there, I was a part of the beginning of the deaf ministry, but then things changed where I couldn’t anymore. The details of how that happened are painful to me. I had felt like I was not a part of it anymore because I was a stay at home mom with two kids and wasn’t able to do it. For the most part, yes, I was limited to what I could do, but to be pushed aside so quickly and left out was painful.

There were some decisions made in ministry during the past few years that have rubbed me the wrong way. I had done what I could to bring it to attention but it still remains the same. I have tried to just go to church and pray that there would be some changes, but it still hasn’t. I can’t stand there in church and try to accept something I don’t agree with. It’s like trying to swim against the current. After a while you do get tired of it. I’m exhausted right now. I made my intentions known to the deaf ministry to leave, and they asked to talk to me, but I know that it won’t help. I had already said what I wanted to say a long time ago, and if they didn’t listen to me then, they’re not going to listen to me now. That’s just how I feel with the history that I’ve experienced.

I need a new beginning. My reputation, it seems, at the church is not a good one; at least to me. I’ve had some emotional break downs in the past couple of years during some painful moments in my life with some relationships I had. I know I struggle with depression, but to feel like I’m not be taken seriously because I’m just “I’ve got issues” only hurts. I know I do. I struggle with a very low self-esteem, and I feel like I haven’t really been able to find my place to be able to rebuild it, and after five years of trying in a place like that, I know it’s time to move on.

I know I have found some wonderful friendships through that church and I hope I don’t lose them. I’m going to be starting over from scratch, it seems, and that’s hard for someone who hates being alone. Some have told me that is my own fault since I isolate myself. It’s hard not to when there isn’t any where I can go. Most women I know are working moms or just so busy. They have their lives, and I respect that. I have the fear of being considered “needy”, so I don’t ask. It’s hard enough when I’ve had that kind of relationships on me twice in my life. I hated it and have gotten rid of those toxic relationships, and since then have promised that I wouldn’t be like that. So with that kind of experience, coupled with a low self esteem, I know I just don’t know how to ask or who to ask. That’s not a nice place to be in.

On top of that whole emotional/mental mess, I have to consider plans for the future. My husband is going blind and I have to figure out a way to get my butt back to school. I’m scared of it… BIG time. I’m afraid of failure or the door closing on me and I can’t do it. I’ve already had several opportunities close on me because we couldn’t financially do it. Right now, its do or die. We want to move away from here by the time my husband can’t work anymore, and it’s looking like it will be in a few years, God willing.

Yes, its time for a change, and I hope that God is with me as I take this new direction.

Time to finish my coffee and pray. God knows I need to talk to Him.